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Step 1 - Please fill in your account information (this information is not used as part of your entry, please fill in Agency if you are submitting on behalf of a company)

By submitting you agree to the terms and conditions of the award scheme, and understand the requirements. Failure to complete all steps in time may lead to disqualification and you may still be charged.

Entry deadline - 1st Sept 2024
Ambient sample delivery - TBC
Chilled/frozen sample delivery - TBC

Awards ceremony - TBC

By submitting you will be redirected to our payment page, please ensure to enter the 'quantity' of entries before checkout. Ensure to enter discount codes correctly, and check that they have been applied before checking out. Once payment is complete, you can return and complete your entry submissions and select your categories via

Plant Based Taste Awards 2024

Please make sure to read over the terms regarding your entry into the Plant-based Taste Awards 2024. To ensure that your entry is successfully entered please make note of the information and regularly check emails for updates.

As part of our validation process, we ask that you complete an online form to submit your product ingredients, storage conditions, size and cooking instructions. Without this, we cannot accept your entry. All our entries are tasted during a blind judging event, no branding or product descriptions are required for judging.

To continue to the next steps you will need:

  • Number of entries

  • Product name(s)

  • Company logo

  • Product image(s)

  • Documentation (ingredient list, storage, cooking instructions)


Please have ready the number of entries you would like to enter and which categories you would like to use each entry for. Products can be entered into multiple categories, please make sure to read over the category descriptions to ensure your product is elgiable for your desired category.

Product Samples

It is your responsibility as the company to provide products for tasting. FoodBev Media is not responsible for the postage, delivery or condition of the product. The number of product samples required can range depending on the product itself, please make sure you will be able to provide at least 6 sample-sized portions for the judging. Product samples must be clearly labelled in approved food-safe packaging.


Before shipping products, you must have completed the storage, ingredient and cooking information forms. FoodBev Media will store products as per your agreed storage information. We require each package to be correctly labelled according to our specifications, clearly displaying the required information, label instructions will be sent via email at a later date.


During the entry period, we will send communications via email to update you on the requirements for your entry. It is important that you use an email contact that is reliable and inform us of any required changes. Delivery details and instructions will be sent via email in the following months.

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