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How to enter

Stuck on where to start? Our quick and easy entry process can be completed in minutes!

Click below or scroll to find out more about each step in the process.

Get in touch with the awards team at


Complete the enter now form on the awards landing page.


Select your number of entries and complete payment.


Select your category and submit your entry!


Timeline, judging, ceremony, media pack.

Entry Details

Prior to proceeding with your entry submission, it is crucial to thoroughly review the available categories to ensure your submission aligns with the appropriate criteria. Take note of any specific requirements or guidelines for each segment by reading the category descriptions document. By carefully considering the categories, you can create a compelling entry submission that maximises your chances of success in the competition. 


Make sure to review the timeline information, we recommend making a note of the entry deadline and preparing as soon as possible. Check the scheduled date for the awards ceremony, as this will allow you to start preparing your marketing/PR communications should you be successful!  


Once completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to continue if you need to return. Our entry process allows you to stop and start when needed! Entering early ensures your submission is secure and allows you to start preparing your entry materials. 

Step 1


Time to decide how many entries you would like to enter! It is important to complete payment by filling in your company information. Once completed, your invoice will be emailed to you along with your invoice number, which will be needed for your next step. 


We provide special discounts and offers for multiple product entries, as well as product flavours and editions, which are charged separately. If you wish to use a discount or deal code, add this to the payment page.


There is also a reduced rate for small businesses. Please contact for more information.

Step 2

Add a discount code

We offer different discounts, you can type in the discount code in the highlighted section 'Add promotion code' and click enter. The discount will be added automatically.

Add VAT information 

To ensure you are purchasing as a business, make sure to first select your country in the billing address section. Then click the tick box 'I'm purchasing as a business'. The VAT input felids will appear, ensure this is correctly filled in before checkout, the VAT will be calculated accordingly. 

Select the number of entries

To enter more than once make sure to select the 'Quantity' option and select the correct number of times you want to enter. 

How to pay by invoice

If you wish to pay via invoice please contact us with the number of entries and company information and we can process an invoice to your email.


To create a compelling entry submission for a FoodBev Awards scheme, begin by selecting high-quality images that showcase your business/product in the best light. Make sure the photos are genuine and focused, and highlight the unique aspects of your creations. Alongside the images, you are required to provide a detailed description, including aspects such as ingredients, sustainability, availability and any special techniques that set it apart. 


In addition to images and descriptions, consider including videos to further enhance your submission. Videos could feature demonstrations, behind-the-scenes footage or testimonials from satisfied customers or industry experts. These videos can offer judges a more immersive experience and help them better understand the story behind your innovations. 


Furthermore, don't hesitate to include supporting documents, such as testimonies, how-to-use concepts or certifications that demonstrate your commitment to quality and innovation in the industry. These documents can provide additional credibility to your submission and help differentiate your entry from the competition. 


By combining compelling images, detailed descriptions, engaging videos and relevant supporting documents, you can create an entry submission that truly stands out and increases your chances of success in your chosen Awards scheme. 

Step 3

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Get Started

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Of course, you are! FoodBev Awards offers a range of prestigious award schemes designed to celebrate excellence in the food and beverage industry. Explore our website, click on the award scheme logo that suits your brand and apply to win one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

You can find out more information about judging, timeline, ceremony and outcomes by carefully reading over the information provided on each award scheme page.


Do I need to attend the event?

There is no requirement to attend the winner's ceremony. We partner with trade show events to showcase the shortlisted entries in person around the world. If you still want to watch the ceremony, we stream live on our website and social media.

Do I need to submit product samples?

Not for our Innovation Awards, entries are judged on the information you submit in your entry description, images and supporting documents. Our Plant-based Taste Awards have a separate set of rules, please get in touch if you require additional information.

How do I know if I win?

Once entry is closed, judging will begin! We will announce a shortlist a few weeks after the entry period has closed, you will be informed via email of our outcome. It is really important to check the email you use to complete step 1 as this email will be informed regarding outcomes.

Can I request an invoice?

Yes, invoices are sent automatically when your entry payment is complete, if you lose or require the invoice resending please get in touch.

What forms of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards through our payment provider. If you wish to enter via proforma invoice please get in touch with the team.

Can I enter the same category more than once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of times you can enter the awards. Make sure to visit the award scheme landing page and check the 'eligibility' section for more information.

I think I have entered the wrong details on my submission, how do I fix this?

Once you complete the submission form you will receive an email with your details for your records, to change this - please reply to that email with the changes you wish to make or contact

Are the awards accepting entries globally?

Yes, the awards accept entries worldwide! FoodBev Media is an international media publisher with an audience spanning across the globe, being successful ensures you gain global recognition.

How is my entry judged?

Each entry is judged on the information you provide via your entry form submission (step 3) for your records, this form is sent to your email when your form is completed.

My product has multiple flavors/versions

Each flavour/version requires a separate entry and individual payment. But don't worry! We offer discounts and deals on multiple flavour entries, please get in touch to find out more.

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